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Smoke Bubble Machine

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Smoke bubble machine
It produce smoke bubbles that can be beaten.

Two styles are available

Bubble wand
Shake the bubble wand to make bubbles.

Fish shape bubble machine
Bubbles by blowing.

Smoke bubble
Add the atomizer device, so that each bubble is filled with white spray, novel and interesting, no chemical ingredients, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, no choking, you can play with confidence.

Gift special gloves
Deliver a pair of special woolen gloves, which can be slapped and played by one person or interact with children.

Special bubble water

  • It can blow out colorful bubbles with higher elasticity.
  • The same fragrance.
  • Less consumption.
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic, healthy and green.

New type of non-leakage cup, anti-spill design
Anti-reflux cross-cut soft rubber surface, the bubble stick can easily reach the bottom of the cup to pick up the liquid, and then quickly restore to close, effectively preventing bubble water from overflowing and leaking.

Colorful light effect
Press the switch to turn on the soft gradient light effect, with joyful background music.

Exquisite gift package