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Repair and create various hairstyles

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  • Strong adhesion
  • Breathable, comfortable and trimable
  • Invisible and realistic
  • Create various hairstyles

Repair your hairline, invisible and realistic, and create various hairstyles for you.

Strong adhesion (skin-friendly and comfortable)

It sticks firmly and modifies the facial lines without falling off!

Breathable and comfortable

The length can be trimmed, as thin as a piece of paper, breathable and comfortable.

Invisible and realistic

The simulation hair follicle is crocheted, invisible and realistic.

Various hairstyles

Healthy and pliable real hair, creating a variety of fluffy hairstyles


Process: Hand-woven eco-film
Color: Natural black
Size: 0.5" x 5.1" / 0.9" x 9.8"
Material: Human hair