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Remove dirt and sludge, dredge pipe

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  • Soften the cement without damaging the surface
  • Sterilization rate 99%
  • Remove without leaving a trace
  • Suitable for various environmental cement stains

Quickly dissolve and remove

Soften the cement without damaging the object, and quickly remove stubborn cement stains.

Deep removal does not damage the surface

Remove stubborn stains, no need to soak a large area, and protect the surface from damage.

Easily handle various environmental stains

For tiles/doors and windows/body, etc. the sterilization rate is 99%.

Car and house dual purpose, wipe and clean.

Use contrast

Double moisture-proof design

Separate packaging inside, easy to use.

Steps for usage

Product accessories: 6.67 fl oz spray can

Product specifications

Specification: 0.52oz / piece
Volume: 0.62" x 0.62" x 0.98"