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Dog Support Harness-Make your dog life better

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Support hip sling

Mobility aids is a simple and effective solution especially for elderly dogs, weak hind legs, orthopedic injuries, hip dysplasia, arthritis pain or other debilitating ailments.

Easy mobility

Excellent to help your puppy stand-up, up and down stairs, get in and out of vehicles, onto furniture, outside for a bathroom break, or to provide some assistance when taking a walk.

Durable and comfortable

Providing ultimate care to weak and senior dog through thickening design and soft lining with sheepskin-like covering. Moreover, the handle equipped with removable padding is perfect for protecting your hand for comfortable carry.

Heavy-duty strap

A reflective plush band runs through the whole sturdy sling to hold the weight of any breed. Adjustable straps were long enough to fit a range of breeds. Even if your pooches are short, or you're tall, this carrier work well for you.

Adjustable length

Dog lift harness can be adjusted to meet your different request.

Easy to use

This lift sling does not get in the way when it needs to "go" and can be moved out of the way easily if needed. After use, just fold and put it into the portable gift bag. Machine washable.


Material: Plush
Color: Black
Size(L x W): About 41.3in x 5.9in
Weight: 1.32lbs