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Multi-light source rechargeable flashlight

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The flashlight can easily irradiate remote object, even clouds you never look up.

  • Distant irradiation
  • 4-level dimming
  • Cope with various environments
  • 2 charging modes
  • Waterproof design

Multi-light source rechargeable flashlight/work light, side light strong light illumination.

Distant irradiation

High-brightness OSL lamp beads provide ultra-long irradiation and long service life.

4-level dimming

Can be used continuously for more than 5 hours.

Cope with various environments

Highlight/long-range/spotlight, suitable for outdoor environment in foggy and rainy days.

2 charging modes

  • USB cycle charging
    Built-in large-capacity lithium battery, long-lasting battery life.

  • Micro charging
    It can be powered by plug/power bank/computer, etc.

Waterproof and antifouling

Rainstorm waterproof design, strong sealing.

Small size and easy to carry



Battery: built-in lithium battery
Lamp beads: main light-OSL LED side light-COBLED
Function: (main light) strong light-low light-fast flashing / (side light) strong light
Accessories: flashlight + wrist strap + USB cable + packing box
Gross weight:0.33 lbs