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Multi-effect floor cleaning sheet

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  • Dissolve quickly in one second
  • Sterilization rate up to 99%
  • Just once, no need to repeat cleaning
  • Suitable for all kinds of stains

It dissolves quickly in one second, super-strongly removes stains, and is gentle and does not damage the surface.

Sterilization rate up to 99%

Dull/mildew/oil stains/color pen printing and other stains can be removed by deep dissolution.

Large area and efficient cleaning

Dry and sterilize, one slice can clean the whole house.
Just one time, you can clean quickly and efficiently. 

Dissolve quickly in one second

Just put it in water and melt quickly in one second to produce a cleaning solution.

Suitable for all kinds of stains

Floor/tiles/clothing/toys, remove dull stains and bring clean shine.

Fresh and deodorant

Eliminate stains and odors, bring freshness and dryness.

Scientific and harmless formula

Infant grade scientific formula, safe and harmless, no residue.

Easy to use
1. Put in a cleaning sheet to generate a cleaning solution.
2. Put in cleaning items or cleaning tools.
3. Instant cleansing, lasting refreshing.


Specification: 30 pieces
Shelf life: three years
Main ingredients: surfactants, biodegradable enzymes, antibacterial agents
Main function: deep decontamination, no damage to the floor