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Hand Warmer

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Two colors are available
Silver / Black

All metal fashion appearance

24h constant temperature
Using high-tech platinum catalyst, the reaction that generates vaporization heat achieves instant heat effect.

20-hole cooling cover
There are 8 heat dissipation holes on the front and back respectively, and 4 heat dissipation holes on the top.

Lightweight and portable
Palm-sized, can be held with one hand, light and portable, giving you warmth anytime, anywhere!

Platinum catalyst design
Heat conduction is more efficient, and keeps warm more stable.

Curved mouth oiler

It is convenient to pour the oil into the pot. Each time you refuel, the amount should not exceed 2 pots and not less than 1/2 pot.

Instructions for use
Add the oil to the furnace and use a lighter to ignite. A cup of oil can support up to 24 hours of heating.