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Dissolve quickly in one second!

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  • Dissolve quickly in one second
  • Convenient to carry, necessary for going out and going to work
  • Sterilization rate up to 99%
  • Just once, no need to repeat cleaning
  • Suitable for all kinds of stains

It quickly dissolves in water within one second, super powerful in removing stains, compact and portable, and gentle and will not hurt your hands or clothes. Suitable for all kinds of difficult to clean stains.

Dissolve quickly in one second

Simply put it in water and quickly melt within one second to produce a cleaning solution.

Small and portable

Small size, soft and foldable, convenient to carry around, make cleaning solution anytime and anywhere, and use paper towels to clean effectively.

Sterilization rate up to 99%

After drying and disinfection, the highly concentrated bactericidal ingredients can remove dullness/mildew/oil stains/color pen printing and other stains through deep dissolution.

Suitable for various materials

Suitable for all kinds of clothes/toys/sofas, etc., to remove dim stains and maintain a clean gloss. Will not cause damage.


Easy to use

  1. Put the cleaning paper into water to generate cleaning solution.
  2. Use a cleaning tool to dip in the solution.
  3. Instant cleansing, lasting refreshing.

Scientifically harmless formula

Infant grade scientific formula, safe and harmless, no residue. Does not corrode, does not hurt hands.

Product specifications

Specification: 36 pieces
Shelf life: three years
Main ingredients: surfactants, biodegradable enzymes, antibacterial agents
Main function: deep decontamination, no damage to the floor