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Cute Duck and Squirrel Family Patio Fountain

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❤️Give your garden a unique ornaments❤️

🦆Duck family

💡The fountain inspired by the spirit duck, mother duck and four little ducks are beside the water pump, made of solid resin.

😍Meditation to relax

Provide the tranquility of running water and the sound of meditation, creating a peaceful atmosphere.

🐿️ Squirrel family

😻Squirrel courtyard fountain feature

The squirrel poured water from two levels onto the stump at the bottom, where a charming bird was waiting.

The whimsy of the outdoor living area.

The sound and sight of the gurgling water, made of resin, make the outdoor environment more beautiful and charming.


Product name: cartoon ornaments
Material: ABS
Style: patio fountain
Style: Ordinary Model/Solar Model (Lighting)
Size: Duck (5.90*3.49*4.30 inches)/Squirrel (5.90*3.38*2.51 inches)