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Cleaner of makeup brushes

Cleaner of makeup brushes

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  • The hazards of unhygienic makeup brushes

The makeup brush does not wash all bacteria, and the dense makeup residue like dandruff attached to the makeup brush. After 3 days of not washing, it will be dirty and hazed, due to make-up residue, grease, dust, mites and bacteria.

  • Wash the brush frequently to keep away acne

Applying makeup again is tantamount to smearing bacteria on the face. Accumulation over time can easily lead to acne.

  • Strong power

12000 rpm, while strong power, the product is also equipped with super battery life. Once charge can be as long as 50 times.

  • One-button start

Two-speed adjustment is simple and convenient, rotating to adjust the size, without changing the head.

  • Patent chuck

No need to change the chuck frequently, just do it with a 0.24in - 0.67in makeup brush.

  • Intimate cleaning tank

To prevent water splash during cleaning, add water/liquid before cleaning.

  • Comfortable grip

Tough and non-slip high and low speed freely switch to clean dead corners.